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Is Bumble the best dating app for confident women?

Bumble is an amazing dating app that has burst into the top 10 dating services in the United States in just a few years. Today the hookup project is actively developing, offering users new unique opportunities. Are you a single girl/woman who is tired of being alone or annoying boyfriends? Then Bumble is what you need!

Why is Bumble so successful?

Bumble is a young hookup app that literally blew up the US. The developers took into account the disadvantages of their predecessors, offering young people a completely new approach to meeting and communicating. The dating project is already taking over the world, pushing the leading dating sites away from Olympus. Today there are over 100 million active users and this hookup site is not going to stop there. How does Bumble do it?

Are you ready to be the first to speak with the man you like?

I think it’s no secret that any pretty girl suffers from standard questions and suggestions, like “Hello. How are you?” Of course, the flow of such messages over time can be regarded as spam from annoying guys. What kind of communication or dating can you talk about in this case? Bumble offers a completely different dating system, initiated by a girl. Even if the couple matched, a man cannot start a correspondence. A woman always sends the first message.

Bumble focuses on more than just love relationships, expanding opportunities for friendship or business communication.

The hookup site has 3 separate modules where you will find:

Find more than just a soul mate!

chatting in bumble date

Bumble Date

Everything is standard here. Connect with young people for future romantic dates and, if you really like each other, passionate nights.

Bumble BFF

Have you arrived in an unfamiliar place and do not know with whom to spend the evening? Not a problem. Bumble BFF will select a company for you depending on your hobbies and interests. Find new friends and have a great time with warm company.

Bumble Bizz

This module was created specifically for solving business issues and expanding professional relationships. Look for not only sexual but also business partners!

Say no to advertising!

It’s hard to imagine, but Bumble doesn’t integrate annoying ads. No more banners, inserts, or pop-ups will distract you from your communication.

Bumble hookups

How do I start chatting in Bumble?

Registration is possible by linking an Apple account or Facebook profile. After linking your account, you go through verification using a photo. After confirming your identity, fill in the information and indicate the gender of the potential partner.

How much does it cost?

I’ll surprise you, but Bumble is a free dating app. The user has a standard set of functions for dating and communication without paying a cent. However, there are two paid add-ons to make it easier to find a partner, which is especially true for guys.

  • Use Spotlight to raise your rating. The service will bring your profile up on the hit list. Your profile will be one of the first to be seen
  • Enjoy maximum possibilities with Boost. The Boost function allows you to use additional search parameters, select an unlimited number of favorite profiles, and repeatedly correspond with already known users

Spotlight and Boost can be enabled in all Bumble apps. Their prices vary by country and region.

Bumble chat

Final verdict

Bumble is a relatively young dating app that provides great opportunities for dating in different spheres of life, especially for girls. The hookup app belongs to the so-called “first lady” dating projects with all the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Girls/women are initiators of communication
  • Registration and a set of standard functions are free
  • Identity verification
  • No ads


  • Dating app is only compatible with iOS
  • You can start chatting only within 24 hours after the like
  • Paidadditionalfeatures

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