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WouldI find thousands of escorts on the Listcrawler hookup site?

Tell me, who doesn’t like having a great time with a hot girl or guy (depending on preference)? I have not met such people. However, I know that today it is not so easy and simple to meet a partner for a passionate night or even a serious relationship. This is a big problem of our time, because of which people go online. However, even here it is not so simple. Many sites and platforms promise a lot and give little. Today, my Listcrawler review will tell you about the place where you can always find a sexy babe.

Why do Americans choose Listcrawler escort aggregator?

Listcrawler is not the average escort site you might think of. It’s the so-called escort aggregator. Its task is to search for classified ads from other hookup sites and concentrate them in one place. You understood correctly, here you’ll find advertisements from escorts who themselves are looking for clients.

You just have to choose the best one and call or write to her. Thanks to this policy, you’ll find thousands of escorts on List Crawler who provide a variety of services. Moreover, all ads are fresh, they are updated daily, and not like many other escort platforms, when irrelevant ads hang for several months. But that’s not all!

Escort in all corners of the world

Once on the main page, the Listcrawler escort site will suggest you a specific location for model matching. You can choose from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Oceania. I want to note that this hookup aggregator is primarily aimed at North America, so all the states of the USA and Canada, as well as the cities of these countries, are represented here. Europe and Oceania are represented in smaller numbers. Here you’ll find only major cities or capitals, but it doesn’t in any way affect the number of escort ads. You can easily find the model you like, both in Los Angeles and in London or Sydney!

listcrawler escort lists

Various browsing lists

As I already noted, List Сrawler hookup aggregator accumulates tens of thousands of escort ads from different parts of the world. There are so-called “View Lists” to make it easier to navigate thehookup platform. Here the escort girls are already filtered by the main criteria. Sucha feature greatly simplifies the search and selection of the escort you like.


The category unites all escort ads. If you have not decided in advance,whom you want to choose, then you are in the right place. Browse fresh photos of hot beauties and make your own choice.


Ebony sexy babes post the juiciest and most vulgar photos together with contacts. Don’t believe me? Then be sure to check out the category. Trust me, you’ll be surprised!

Trans X

Would you like to try something new or unusual? Welcome to Trans X listings. Listcrawler offers a large number of transsexual ads that you won’t find on any other hookup site!


The category name speaks for itself. Here you’ll not find inexperienced teenagers who just lost their virginity yesterday. Hot and sexy milfs are good at satisfying their partners and know exactly what they need.


The filter only generates ads for both BBW and curvy maintainers. So, if you are a fan of big chicks, then you’ll love it!


Do you like short young girls or older women with Asian looks? You have come to the right place. Here you’ll meet Asian beauties who are ready to share the secrets of oriental sexual skills!

Read user reviews before choosing a girl

A real profile is an important factor when choosing an escort. However, not every hookup site can boast of a complete absence of fake accounts and ads. How to choose the best girl or guy and not get caught by a scammer? That’s right, study the reviews of other users who have already contacted the escort. Listcrawler provides its visitors with this opportunity. After examining the profile you like, you can read comments and reviews from other people.

If you feel that something is amiss, then personally complain about the ad. Every visitor to the Listcrawler hook up site has such an opportunity. The administration will sort out the situation. This way, customers themselves filter out fake ads and help other visitors. By the way, Listcrawler does an excellent job with the task assigned to it. You rarely see a scam here.

What about registration?

I’ll pleasantly surprise you, but registration is not required to visit the Listcrawler hookup site. Any visitor can view escort profiles, photos, personal information, and contacts. In addition, comments and reviews from other users are available to everyone. You just open the site and choose the girl/guy you like, and then call/write to the specified address.

However, if you want to place your hookup ad, you’ll have to register on the MegaPersonals website. Registration is simple and does not take much time. You’ll need to enter your email and come up with a password.

listcrawler dating aggregator

How much does Listcrawler’s membership cost?

Another good news for fans of all kinds of hookup projects. List Crawler escort aggregator is completely free. Functions and features are available without money investment. Listcrawler does not make money from visitors but from ads and posted ads.


Listcrawler is not another standard hookup platform with the same feature set. Listcrawler is an escort aggregator that provides additional benefits to both visitors and escorts. There are thousands of girls and guys on the site who are on escort listings. So if you are looking for a great night out in your hometown or on your travels, be sure to check out Listcrawler. The project really deserves attention.


  • Thousands of escort ads
  • Daily update of ads
  • Convenient search
  • Reviews from real people, not bots
  • No need to register
  • Free


  • No mobile application
  • Listcrawler is focused on North America

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