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Is Locanto a site just for advertising or something more?

Online services are a wonderful invention of our time. With their help, we receive the necessary services and goods from any convenient place, without even leaving home. However, they have a negative side – the user has to use different sites and go through many registrations. I think this is not very convenient. Would you like to get everything in one place? Just imagine, you posted an ad looking for a part-time job, bought food, and made a date with a girl for the evening. And all this can be done in one place! Is it possible? The Locanto review will answer your questions!

What is the secret of Locanto Personals’ success?

Locanto is a popular free classifieds site where people trade various goods and provide services. Here you will find thousands of ads grouped into several subject categories. Are you looking to buy a property or a car? Not a problem! Are youlooking for a nanny? You can find her at Locanto. However, the developers decided not to stop at the achieved success. So all of a sudden, they’ve added a few features to their dating site. Now people are not only looking for products/services but also meet other people for romantic dates and long-term relationships. Surprisingly, the Locanto  #Dating and Locanto Personals subsections are so convenient and effective that Locanto has become known among people as an actively developing and fast-growing dating project. Why are people increasingly choosing Locanto to find a partner?

Active users from all over the world

Locanto #Dating has millions of members, which you can filter according to your needs. Subcategories include user location, gender, and sexual orientation. This facilitates a direct approach to finding the relationship you want. Locanto covers more than 50 countries around the world. The free classifieds site has been actively developing in Europe, but recently the platform is expanding into new markets, including North America, Asia, and Oceania.

By going to Locanto  #Dating you will see a selection of locations for US states and America’s largest cities. Do you live in Australia or Germany? No problem! The total number of registered profiles from all over the world is already over 50 million, and the figure is constantly growing. Every day about 100 thousand people visit Locanto Personals. Users actively get to know each other, communicate and post individual ads. You will definitely not be bored with Locanto.

locanto live chat

Useful dating tools

Have you decided to find a partner for one romantic date or a long-term relationship? Be sure to visit Locanto Personals. You can quickly and easily select the person you like from thousands of dating ads. Here are some helpful features and tools to help you get the job done.

Choosing the purpose of the date

Locanto Personals immediately divides dating into two goals:

  • Long Term Relationships
  • Casual Encounters

Here, no one deceives anyone and does not hide their desires. If you are looking for a wife or husband, then you should go into Long Term Relationships. Maybe you just want one date, which ends in the bedroom. Then welcome to Casual Encounters. Everything is fair and without cheating.

The hashtag feature

By completing your profile, you can indicate dating goals, hobbies, interests, and more through the hashtag system. The system automatically compares a set of hashtags and recommends people to you based on the analysis of the data, increasing the likelihood of mutual sympathy.

Unlimited chat storage

The tool is very useful for those who communicate with multiple people. You don’t need to memorize anything, all your correspondence can be accessed in one place.

Live chat

Did you like the person? Write to him or her and start chatting!

Push notifications

Turn on push notifications to receive alerts directly to your gadget. Now you won’t miss out on what another Locanto Personals user liked! Who knows, maybe this particular person is your future wife/husband.

Safe search and communication

If you are dating online, then you are well aware that many dating sites are illegal or unsafe. It’s due to a large number of sex advertisements or escort services. However, you won’t find anything like it on Locanto Personals. The dating platform conducts exclusively legal activities and fights against the sex trade. In addition, if you want to meet a person for one night, then, as I wrote above, visit a specific category. By using Locanto, you don’t have to be afraid of scams or legal problems.

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How do I become a Locanto member?

You need to register if you want to use Locanto’s features. Have you decided to buy some product or meet a nice girl/guy? First, you must become a member of the community. However, do not panic ahead of time, registration will not take you much time. Just enter your Google mail address and confirm with reCaptcha that you are not a robot. Next, a verification code will be sent to your email box, which must be entered on Locanto. And at the end, you will have to re-check the Captcha. That’s all for it. You have proven that you are not a bot, and now you can use the dating site to its fullest!

How much does a Locanto subscription cost?

Any user has the opportunity to surf Locanto Personals and view dating ads free and without registration. What’s more, the classifieds site offers small advertisements of different categories without charging a cent! In this case, only basic features are available to the visitor. But if you want to get benefits of this popular dating site, then you have to purchase a paid subscription. The cost of such a premium profile is only:

  • 2.99 USD / per month

There are no other pricing plans. For just a few dollars a month, the user gets access to all the platform’s features and tools. Premium subscription applies to categories, including Locanto Personals and Locanto  #Dating. Is it worth the money? It’s up to you to decide. However, I want to point out that other dating sites charge a much larger sum for the full package of their services.

Final verdict

Locanto is an amazing internet project. One site combines seemingly completely different things. Both trade and services flourish here. And with the addition of dating options, it makes no sense to use other platforms. After all, you can find almost everything you may need here. I want to point out that Locanto Personals and Locanto  #Dating are not just additional categories to check out. These are full-fledged sections of the site, which work great and delight users for a long time. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


  • Audience from more than 50 countries
  • Active community
  • Millions of ads in trade, services, and dating categories
  • Legal and safe
  • Registration and basic features are free
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS (Locanto #Dating)


  • Advertising
  • Paid subscription

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  1. This way, you get to enjoy the fun of talking to each other without the pressure of actually seeing them in person.

  2. Since you have the power to set the price that you are willing to pay, you can be sure that you will find something that fits your budget perfectly!

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  7. While men typically send the first message, women tend to list more requirements in their online profiles.

  8. The site allows women to create their profile, make an engaging comment, and then wait for the man to reply.

  9. However, you must remember to be more careful about your actions when messaging women online.

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  11. However, despite the many potential dangers, dating apps can be a good choice for many people.

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  13. While social networking sites may be a bit cliche, they’re a lot safer than trying to approach a woman in a bar or on a physical date.

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