Are you ready for an unforgettable massage with RubMaps?

What unites people after a tough week? That’s right, a good rest in the warm company! Of course, you can spend your evening or weekend at the bar with a glass of whiskey, but a heavy hangover after such a feast will definitely not bring you joy. But there is a great alternative to this, namely a relaxing professional massage. Thus, you’ll relax and get a powerful boost of energy and positive emotions for the next few days. You can even multiply all the goodies by two as they offer additional functions with massage! Our RubMaps review will reveal to you the secrets of massage and spa parlors that you might not have known about before!

RubMaps is a network of massage and spa salons in your pocket!

There is nothing better than ending a tough day with a relaxing massage. Soft female hands sometimes work miracles, which is why it is so popular among Americans. Do you like a classic or hot erotic massage? Do you want to bring new emotions and sensations into your life? Then the RubMaps site was created especially for you!

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Ejoy great opportunities

RubMaps project brings together professionals who provide their services and their clients. Here you’ll find all America’s massage and spa salons, conveniently collected in one place. Moreover, the service sector is not limited to classical massage. You can choose from erotic, Asian, and famous Thai massage. It’s worth paying special attention to salons that are ready to fully serve you. Yes, we are talking specifically about massage parlors with happy endings. RubMaps will find a suitable place if you don’t know if there are similar services in your city nearby!

Read genuine customer reviews

What says the best about the quality of the services provided? That’s right, these are genuine customer reviews left by people who appreciated the service. RubMaps provides detailed information about the erotic massage salon you need, as well as reviews from registered users. To learn about the quality of massage for the possibility of a happy ending, simply read what the clients of a particular spa have written. In addition, there is a thematic RubMaps forum where you can personally take part in the discussion on certain issues.

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User-friendly interface and advanced search

RubMaps offers the user complete information about the spa and the services provided, including sexual ones. The adult site covers all States, so the selection of massage parlors is not just big, it’s huge. However, thanks to the intuitive interface and advanced search, you won’t get lost in the midst of it all. Just let us know what services you want to receive (eg “happy ending”) and RubMaps, according to your geolocation, will select the most suitable spas. It’s really convenient.

How can I register on the RubMaps website?

RubMaps is the largest portal linking virtually all massage and spa centers in the United States. However, to use their services, you have to go through a simple registration process. E-mail and login with a password are enough for this. After confirming your registration via email, you become a RubMaps user. All actions take no more than 5 minutes.

What is the cost of a membership?

RubMaps allows you to browse massage centers completely free of charge and without registration. However, a paid subscription provides great benefits that will help you choose a quality service. It provides the opportunity to read customer reviews of a salon you are interested in. That is if you want to get professional services and maximum pleasure, including a happy ending, you’ll have to pay a little. RubMaps membership will cost you.

  • 14.95 USD per month
  • 149 USD per year

Final verdict

RubMaps brings together almost all massage and spa salons in America. Here you’ll find both classical massage and more rare additional services, including a happy ending. So, welcome to RubMaps if you love to relax and get the most out of life!


  • Huge selection of massage types and spa parlors
  • There are additional services, such as the happy ending
  • Advanced search
  • There is a convenient forum


  • Paid subscription
  • No mobile app

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