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RubRatings review: will I find a hot massage with an unusual ending?

What kind of person doesn’t like a massage? Imagine this erotic body rub from a sexy babe! Of course, any man or woman will enjoy it! Most importantly, you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for a partner. All you have to do is to visit RubRatings. The popular massage site is great for people looking to have a great time alone with hot professional masseuses. Why do I think so? The RubRatings review will reveal the secrets of its success!

Why do Americans choose RubRatings?

You can’t find a sexy beauty for a great erotic massage with a happy ending? Then RubRatings is an erotic massage site created especially for you! The body rub listing service knows how to select the best girls and guarantees high-quality services. Let’s be honest, today many sites represent a huge number of massage and spa salons. However, not all of them are legal and provide additional services such as happy ending. RubRatings really stands out from its competitors. Let me explain why.


Quality massage in any state of the USA

Rub Ratings focuses only on the United States; they do not provide services elsewhere in the world. On the one hand, it’s a disadvantage, since Europeans are forced to look for masseuses elsewhere. On the other hand, such centralization allows them to provide top-notch services. This approach will suit all US citizens. No matter what state or city you are from, you’ll always meet a hot lady and have a great time in a luxurious company. Rub Ratings operates in all states of the US and its major cities. What else can I say? Americans are lucky!

Only real masseuses

RubRatings is a popular body rub listing service, which provides a lot of options for both clients and masseuses. It is the best site to place customized ads. Here hot girls advertise their services, including erotic body rub. It distinguishes RubRatings from its competitors. They advertise only massage and spa salons. It makes no sense for masseuses to create a fake ad of their services, as customer reviews and a rating system will immediately indicate deception. Did you like the beauty? Call her using the contacts she left and make sure that it is with her that you want to spend a great evening or even a night. Many models here provide both massage and escort services!

There plenty of additional services available

As you probably already guessed, we’ll talk about both the standard services that spa salons provide, and about more “adult” ones. Sexy girls from RubRatings are ready for classic or erotic massage and much more. Do you love a happy ending? Then you have come to the right hookup site where you can experience it at its best! Are you looking for a sexy beauty as an escort? The girls are ready to play such role as well. In a word, RubRatings is a place where you’ll find a partner to fulfill all your secret desires that cannot be realized with a girlfriend or wife.

RubRatings sex hookup

Enjoy user-friendly hookup site design

The erotic massage site stands out for its simple intuitive interface and highly customizable search engine. The profiles contain some personal information and photographs. There is nothing superfluous or distracting, so you can easily and quickly find sexy beauty.

How do I become a RubRatings customer?

The registration stage at the Rub Ratings erotic massage site will not take you much time, but it is very important. An unregistered user can use all the functions of this body rub site, except for one – reviews are available only to registered users. It’s just a must-have function. You may like a certain girl, but how do you find out about her sexuality and professionalism? With the help of customer testimonials, she has already served, of course. This feature appears only for registered users of the massage site.

You can register using your email. Come up with a username and password and a confirmation code will be sent to the specified email. Just click on the link in the confirmation email and your RubRatings account is ready!

What is the price of membership?

RubRatings differs from other erotic massage sites not only in its functionality but also in its unique pricing policy. Developers make money not from the advertising and not from site users, but user profiles. This helps to reduce fake ads and makes the site completely free. Yes, it’s really that simple. RubRatings membership is free and after a simple registration, you can fully enjoy the adult site.

RubRatings review


RubRatings is very popular among Americans and is considered to be one of the best massage sites. A huge number of options for both clients and models, together with a unique site policy, make it unattainable for many competitors.


  • Large selection of sexy beauties
  • Only genuine customer reviews
  • Enjoy additional services
  • Modern user-friendly design and intuitive interface
  • Free registration and membership


  • Available in the USA only
RubRatings free chat

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