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Will I find a soul mate with Zoosk dating site?

Finding a significant other for a serious relationship is not easy. Most dating doesn’t end with the desired success, and people just waste their time and money. Therefore, more and more young people use dating sites. Here they can learn a lot about each other and, if both are interested, they meet in real life. As statistics show, such acquaintances have a greater chance of success for the development of further relationships. But how do you choose the right hookup app? In my Zoosk review, I will try to tell you in detail about one popular dating site, where guys and girls find their soul mates.

Why do young people choose Zoosk?

If you are well versed in the world of online dating, then you have probably already heard of Zoosk. It is one of the most popular dating sites in the world with tens of millions of users of all ages. The Zoosk hookup app is very flexible for dating, whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a one-night stand. Founded back in 2007 as an integrated Facebook application, today Zoosk is an independent dating project with an excellent reputation and a lot of positive reviews. What awaits you if you become a member of the dating platform?

Meet people from all over the world!

Zoosk is very popular not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world. Here you will meet participants from over 80 countries (Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, etc.). The dating site has been translated into 25 languages, so you won’t have any problems using the site or app. Zoosk is really focused on communication and it doesn’t matter where your companion from. The main thing here is the desire to meet and communicate. More than 40 million users have already appreciated the power of this hookup site. About 1 million people use the site every day, and this is the best evidence of the community’s activity!

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Chat with real people

What is the main problem with many dating sites? The prevalence of a large number of fake profiles. Of course, no one wants to communicate with people who hide real information about themselves or who appear to be who they are not. Zoosk, unlike many of its kind, copes with the problem perfectly. The dating site checks every newly registered user, paying special attention to the photo. If you want to make the most of the online dating platform, you’ll have to download it. In addition, Zoosk provides you with several verification methods that will improve your reputation. Thanks to this policy, the number of fake accounts is minimized.

Unique and exclusive features

The main goal of any dating site is to create all conditions for easy dating and maintaining communication between people. Although the task is similar, all projects cope with it in different ways. Why is this happening? Each dating site provides a set of unique features that users enjoy. And the more effective they are, the more the dating site attracts. As I wrote above, more than 40 million people from all over the world use Zoosk as a dating and communication platform. The reasons for this popularity are the following features.

Deep profile customization

Zook allows users to customize their profile as they want. Data such as age, gender, height, education, and relationships are exposed to you. In addition, you also have a place to write your story, explain what exactly you are looking for. Tell us how you envision your ideal date. By doing this, you can greatly increase the chances of matches.

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A unique automatic people selection called SmartPick

SmartPick uses a behavioral matchmaking engine that learns about your preferences and introduces you to people with whom you have something in common. To improve your matchmaking, you need to answer a few guiding questions. Judging by the reviews, we can conclude that SmartPick works very efficiently.

Dating insights help

Dating insights learn from your behavior and help you better understand your dating style and the kind of people you will definitely attract.

Chat with several people at once!

Using the feature, you can send multiple messages to different people at once. At the same time, the Zoosk dating site provides the user with pre-written message samples.

How do I start using Zoosk?

To get started, you need to go through the registration process. The dating site will ask for your email address, password to log into your account, and phone number. The latter is necessary to verify the new user and confirm the person’s identity. As I wrote earlier, Zoosk is actively fighting fake profiles, requiring additional information to achieve this goal. You can also use Google or Facebook accounts if you have one.

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The fun begins after that. In addition to the standard information (phone number and e-mail), you need to answer several additional questions, for example, attitude to smoking, indicate your height, and education. The collected data helps the system to automatically weed out uninteresting people and find the most suitable match.

The pricing policy of dating site

You can register, create an account and edit your profile completely free of charge. However, the rest of the functions, which are necessary for active communication are available only with a paid subscription, which is:

  • 1 month – 29.95 USD / per month
  • 3 months – 19.98 USD / per month
  • 6 months – 12.49 USD / per month

If you like the hookup app and plan to continue using it, I recommend using the 3 or 6-month plan as in this case, you significantly save your money!


Zoosk is a legal and convenient dating app that does an excellent job with its main task, namely, finding people for both long-term relationships and one date. The dating site has already helped many single people, earning a great reputation for it. Read the success stories, they are the best proof that Zoosk is the right place to find friends and soulmates!

zoosk best


  • Active and fast-growing community
  • Users from more than 80 countries
  • There are almost no fake accounts
  • Unique features and technologies
  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS)
  • Legal and safe


  • Advertising
  • Not all options are free

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