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Best advice from the experts is always in high demand among the beginners and experienced hookup seekers. It guarantees quality of your experiences and safety of all your search process. 

Top hookup apps and sites have their pros and cons, still. They should be explained and commented by specialists who know how such platforms are being launched and how they work.

There are too many nuances connected with the category of hookups on a particular source, girls’ appearance rate, trendy or old-fashioned features the app provides.

Our reviews reflect that. 

It’s better to be prepared for the hottest adventure in your life, without distractions or doubts the amateurs have. With Hookup Apps Reviews, there are no fears or insecurities, all goes smooth. 

Since each platform is focusing on its own audience, we put efforts to describe exactly this segment of single women and give the most detailed recommendations on how to pickup them

Hookup Apps Reviews

How do I choose a hookup app 

Before selecting a hookup app that suits you the best, define your priorities. If you go for anonymity, there are special niche apps for secret hookups and casual affairs for married. 

If you, on a contrary, need just any next-door girl for hanging out together, use adult dating sites based on geolocation feature. It should be a strong tool that matches the users by their current place. 

There are best Asian hookup apps, Russian and Latina ones. Always check for their rating and real members’ reviews. We are providing you with a piece of experted opinion as well. 

Regardless of the type of the platform you need, make sure the women are of high quality. Surf through the profiles gallery, it is often available to non-members and guests of the site. 

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There are several categories of girls’ photos and bio on modern hookup apps. Some mostly present low-quality selfies of erotic or non-erotic look. That’s usually a red flag. 

Super glamorous studio photos aren’t always good either. Such women usually pretend to be either brides or sugar babies, that’s why they invest into professional photo portraits. 

All these nuances and more you will learn after studying our materials and researches we prepared specially for newcomers in adult dating. Become sex positive together with our team. 


We care a lot to provide our audience with the latest updates in the world of dating and hookup. We give an informational support regarding best pickup strategies and scripts of roleplay. 

Highly appreciated by kinky personals and progressively thinking singles, we keep on spreading the knowledge about top ways to hook up in a big city, as well as in suburbs and countryside. 

We specialize in western adult culture and niche subcultures, Asian hookups, Eastern European escorts, Latina casual dating, and more. We make sure our specialists are widely educated. 

Hookup Apps and sites

In addition, we do care to gather the best travel tips for our followers, give the best recommendations on affordable rent and transport, advise on local sex services in any destination. 

That’s why along with detailed reviews on our pages, one can find useful links leading to the most trustful sources on the Internet. We are open towards any cooperation and communication, too. 

Top Reviews

“Hookup Apps Reviews became my ticket to the adult life and the world of sex positive people who share my way of thinking”, Deborah from NYC shares. “I do appreciate their help. 

I learned what kinky events take place in my area, which hookup apps I should use, and what kind of approach I should develop for nsa affairs. It differs a lot from the old-school relationships. 

I am really thankful for changing my lifestyle to the better and bringing me more positive impressions. I have started to express myself more freely, and feel way happier with who I am now”. 

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“My sex positive buddies have recommended to me the Hookup Apps Reviews blog”, David from Washington, DC says. “I didn’t even expect it covers so many useful topics I was interested in. 

I think a person cannot suceed today without a good hookup advice. There are too many nuances in urban subcultures, modern adult dating language, and mainstream tendencies nowadays. 

Long story short, I met a lot of hot singles thanks to this site which is a guiding star on the sky of online hookups and naughty local events. I had great time with this blog’s help, you’re the best guys”.  

Questions and answers 

How do I find a legit hookup app? 

Always study the reviews online and real success stories before joining any platform. Check the description and people’s responses, whether its safety level is high. 

Why to seek hookups abroad? 

Travel dating shall never loose its popularity. As hunters by nature, men strive to discover new territories and try exotic lovers across the world. 

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How do I hook up with a younger girl? 

There are special adult dating apps with legit teens in their database, as well as regular sugar dating sites with plenty of younger personals seeking nsa sex. 

Is it bad to hook up? 

Conservative societies are teaching us that casual sex weakens singles’ moral values and lowers their self esteem. In fact, it’s the opposite, since we learn to respect our wishes. 

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How do I stay anonymous on a hookup app? 

Many adult dating sites are offering the panic button, in order to flirt online from any place. Personal profile photos or real names aren’t required at all on some of them. 

How do I get laid quick? 

Keep on following our reviews and you’ll find the best hookup apps where the chat is saved only within 60 mins or 24 hours, in orders to have instant sex.